Future Plans

So, the first seastead is in the water. Now what?

Now the excitement begins. Our initial phase is to build 20 more platforms of the same (likely improved due to lessons learned) configuration. This is the main focus moving forward.

We are seeking 20 individuals who would like to become seasteading pioneers to help us build something amazing. We are selling these seasteads with a very low profit margin because we want to get this all started and grow it into something big with the help of the first 20 seasteaders. The price of the prototype spar is already fairly inexpensive, buying things in bulk for 20 seasteads will bring the price down even more.

We have spent 10 years online talking about seasteading but it will be these 20 people who will be deciding how things will really move forward. We will not decide on the next phase without the input of the early seasteaders because it will be their community that will be growing. Not anyone on some Internet forum or discussion group.

With just 20 people we do not need to worry about complex government structures or building some advanced infrastructure to deal with a large complex community. It will be a small group of neighbors akin to neighbors in a marina who help each other out and watch out for each others seasteads while sharing experiences and coming together as a group when necessary.

Any speculation on what comes after that is futile. We fully plan to work with those first 20 individuals to decide our path forward to growing seasteading and making this work in the real world. Not just on the Internet.

Right now we are seeking 20 people who actually want to move to a seastead and have the means to do so. Fully realizing that this is all new and it is not without risks.

We are selling the seasteads in a pre-sale fashion akin to buying a new home. We will take a small percentage up front as a deposit then get to work building your seastead. At various stages of the build we will collect enough for the next stage (likely 10% at a time). Our construction crews work in this manner so we are able to progress through the build in this way. You will always be free to come visit the build site but we will be posting individualized updates for all of the first 20 to see (so we’re not just showing all 20 the same progress on a single platform acting like it is their own). You will have access to a privileged section of the website that gives more details on the location  and everything around it. 

We will be white listing people to ensure that they have the finances to make a purchase before we reveal the location and further details of what they are purchasing. 

Why not give everyone all of the information and share the news of our progress with the whole world? Because we have learned from past seasteading projects that there are too many people out there that are threatened by the idea of freedom. It frightens them. They feel it should be reserved to slogans and not actually exercised. There is no reason to share anything with these people. This project is not for them. It is for the dreamers, the visionaries and those that want to actually live a life of freedom.

If you are one of those people, please sign up below. We will be in contact.

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