Ocean Builders is currently in the process of determining the ideal location to begin building OceanBuilder homes. We have some inquiries with some countries but we want to make sure that the location chosen is the best for a long future of building OceanBuilder homes.

The ideal location will have the following criteria:

  • low wave height
  • no hurricanes/typhoons
  • low crime rate
  • a friendly host nation

While some of this criteria can be mitigated in future versions of our homes (building for higher waves/hurricanes), it is important to note that we are still in early stages of development so having an ideal starting point is very important.

dark blue represents low wave height

Ocean Builders hopes to find a building site that is near a location that would be close to the site where the homes will sit. But Ocean Builders will also work toward finding multiple locations to suit the needs of those who wish to live in one of our OceanBuilder homes.

Some people may want to live close to shore and enjoy a tourism economy with easy access to goods and services. Some may wish to be more isolated further out. We hope to help groups of people choose some ideal locations so that they may have neighbors with similar visions for how they want to live in their OceanBuilder homes.

Ocean Builders will include dynamic mooring on all future homes which allows for a home owner to decide the location of their home.

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