OceanBuilders home

When we put the prototype, XLII, into the water we were surprised by the positive environmental benefits it created. It became a habitat where life was flourishing. The home was actually building an environment that was restoring the ocean. With each and every home that will be put into the ocean we can build life in the ocean.


Taking this into account, the obvious term that we plan on moving forward is OceanBuilder homes. Each home in and of itself is helping to restore and build up the ocean. Everyone should love to live in a home that could restore and rebuild the oceans. It has a positive environmental impact and will only improve over time with more restorative technologies.

The finished designs will be built with a focus on a flourishing coral garden which can grow around the outside of the spar. We are currently working on research into finding ways of combining a few different strategies and technologies to speed up coral growth significantly and possibly forming some JV projects with companies that are researching this along with interested universities.

We are currently in talks with a university environmental research department in Singapore which would like to do an environmental research study or contest with their students to come up with ways to improve the positive environmental impact of the OceanBuilder homes. We would like to extend this contest to other universities in other countries and offer the winning student a visit to the home to see their theories being put into practice.

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