The pre-sale process for the first 20 OceanBuilder home owners consists of the following steps:

  • You are now able to place a purchase with a fully refundable bitcoin earnest money deposit of 1% of the purchase price to indicate interest and also to reserve your place in the queue for building your OceanBuilder home.
  • This earnest money will sit in a 1 of 2 multisignature wallet where you can move your bitcoins out at any time. *
  • We will be in contact within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have.
  • The bitcoin addresses will be publicly available on our website so everyone can track the progress of purchases.
  • Once the first 20 buyers have paid their earnest money we will send you a contract (if your bitcoins are still available in the 1 of 2 wallet). We will then collect a 20% down payment for the seastead within a month of reaching 20 buyers.
  • We will begin the build process and you will have exclusive access to all information through pictures, videos and you are free to visit the build site to check on the progress at any time.
  • We will also welcome you to come visit our prototype to view it for yourself.
  • Our goal is to have the first 20 OceanBuilder homes built within 6 months of getting started. We will ask for another 30% payment once the spar is in the water and then accept the final 50% upon delivery.

*note: Some of these details may change but the final procedure will be part of the written contract.

Please use this form to express your interest in the first seasteads.

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