Our seapods allow for a comfortable living experience while the boats around you are pitching and swaying in the waves. Our shallow water version will be close to shore so you can experience all of the modern conveniences of living on land while enjoying your 360 degree ocean views.

The SeaPod will come equipped with an assortment of modern technology with the goal of self sustainability from water catchment, fresh water maker to your own energy system to power your home. 




Our LandPods allow for a comfortable living experience in locations that most homes cannot be built. Requiring a minimal footprint, our LandPod is able to sit amongst nature without disturbing the surrounding area. With the high vantage point you are able to look out over the treetops to obtain a view others can only dream of.
The first LandPods will be located in Boquete, Panama on a beautiful coffee plantation.




The SeaPlatform allows you to customize your home to your heart’s desire. The shallow water spar is the same as the ones we are building for our SeaPods. You could keep it bare and attach it to your SeaPod home for an outdoor area (workshop, garden, pet playground, community site, picnic area, etc.), you can build your custom designed home to suit your own needs so that your sea home is truly one of a kind, or you can purchase the SeaPlatform to reserve your preferred location and add your SeaPod home later.



You will have your choice of which home you wish to have partial ownership of. Ocean Builders is working with a few companies to provide different ownership experiences depending upon the SeaPod or LandPod, from timeshares to long term rental income producing homes to AirBnB rentals. You will be able to choose your preference and trade your ownership easily.


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