Ocean Builders is building bare floating spars with a reinforced steel plate on top to allow you, the creative individual, to build your dream home starting from your starting platform above the sea.

Custom Creations

The SeaPlatform allows you to customize your home to your heart’s desire. The shallow water spar is the same as the ones we are building for our SeaPods. You could keep it bare and attach it to your SeaPod home for an outdoor area (workshop, garden, pet playground, community site, picnic area, etc.), you can build your custom designed home to suit your own needs so that your sea home is truly one of a kind, or you can purchase the SeaPlatform to reserve your preferred location and add your SeaPod home later.



Ideal wave height .5 meters or less
Maximum wave height 3 meters
Steel plate diameter 12 meters
Trampoline Optional
Spiral Staircase Optional
Fenders Optional
Energy System Optional
Waste System Optional
Location Bastiat Bay
Price $54,500


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