Ocean Builders created the first ever floating home suitable for the open ocean utilizing the spar design which allows for a living space above the waves.

Having proven the concept of a spar design home we have shown the world that the ocean is habitable and that future homes can be built at sea.

Utilizing advanced 3D technology, each Ocean Builder home will be printed in multiple colors. The technology we are using to create these new homes is beyond anything that has ever been done before.

With 3D coral printing technology we can build a unique coral garden for every Ocean Builders home. The ocean is essentially a vast desert with no life. Once an Ocean Builder home is placed in the open sea it begins teeming with life. We proved this with our prototype as hundreds of fish big and small flocked to our spar and life grew where once there was none.

Ocean Builders believes in the butterfly affect where the movement of a butterflies wings in one side of the world can cause a wind storm across the globe.
With our small floating homes we hope to demonstrate to the world that the next frontier is on the ocean as we demonstrate that you can live on the ocean and in convenience and comfort like never before.

Bedroom view

Enjoy the relaxation of lounging in your hanging chair as you look out over the blue horizon.

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The lower floor

Providing the entrance to and from the spiral staircase this area is an open living space with spectacular views.

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Middle section

The office, kitchen or bar area meets the middle between the bedroom and lower area with a walk out deck to enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

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