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Homes in any city of the world are bombarded with Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) from a high density of cell towers, cell phones, wifi networks, and more.

Having a home on the water automatically removes you from the high density of EMF radiation of city life.

When we set out to design the smartest home on planet ocean, we wanted to make sure that it was made without bombarding its residents and visitors with EMF’s.

Modern smart homes use radio frequencies to connect to dozens or hundreds of smart devices. We have designed a unique smart home system without using radio waves. All the smart home sensors and devices are wired with special EMF shielding wires to bring potentially harmful radio waves to a minimum. The only wireless in the Pod is internet WiFi which you can set to automatically shut down throughout the house at a specified time each day. Each room is also wired with ethernet cables if you prefer to bypass WiFi entirely.


We have designed the bedroom to be your window to the world with unparalleled panoramic views that may inspire you to stay in bed all day long.