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The SeaPod as Low EFM Zone

The SeaPod as Low EFM Zone

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I’m excited to take you on a journey that weaves together technology, well-being, and the quest for balance.

Years ago, living in my floating house in Toronto, I embarked on a mission to transform it into a smart home paradise. I decked it out with all the latest gadgets.

There were 80 Philips Hue light bulbs, accompanied by light strips, door and window sensors to monitor openings, and presence sensors to determine room occupancy. Once all these components are in place, automation becomes possible, turning the space into a highly functional environment. This concept fascinated me. However, as the months rolled by, something felt off.

Despite the allure of seamless control, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was living in a radiation zone. The multitude of wireless devices meant a constant barrage of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and my health began to suffer. That’s when it hit me: convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of well-being.

Fast forward to the planning stages of the SeaPod. Armed with lessons learned, I was determined to strike a balance between technology and health. We scoured the market for smart home tech that minimizes EMF emissions, opting for devices using the Z-Wave protocol. A choice backed by research and a commitment to creating a harmonious living space.

Sure, compromises had to be made. Wi-Fi is a necessity, but we’re exploring ways to minimize its impact, like using Ethernet connections whenever possible. And while guests may need internet access, we’re keeping things streamlined, avoiding excess tech for tech’s sake.

Looking ahead, the next iteration of the SeaPod promises even greater adjustments. We’re integrating wired solutions for blinds and developing new devices for presence sensing, all with an eye toward reducing EMF exposure. It’s a journey of innovation fueled by a passion for holistic well-being.

Let’s achieve the perfect balance where cutting-edge technology meets mindful living, and convenience doesn’t compromise health. Join me in shaping a future where innovation and harmony in wellbeing reign supreme. Cheers to a brighter, healthier tomorrow!

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