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Underwater Room: Broadcast from 11 meters under the sea

Underwater Room: Broadcast from 11 meters under the sea

Less than 1 minute

We’re currently 11 meters below the surface of the water in our underwater room.

We just removed most of the water that’s been in here for several months, used to stabilize the pod and keep it at a certain level. While there’s still a bit of water left on the floor, we’ve also just laid down the concrete layers.

Next, we’re going to pump out the remaining water and tackle the humidity. We also need to work on the windows, which have accumulated a lot of growth on the outside. Maintaining clarity at this depth, at about eleven meters underwater, is challenging, but we’re planning to implement measures to keep the windows clean without constant maintenance.

The ceiling of this room is eight meters below the surface, and the floor is at 11 meters, giving us a three-meter height room. Once completed, this space is going to be incredible. Right now, it’s like one of those dramatic renovation “before” pictures—ugly and uninviting, but full of potential for a stunning transformation.

We haven’t finalized the design yet, but we have some exciting ideas in the works. We’re figuring out what’s most practical and achievable. It’s all going to come together quickly, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

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