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Delivery Drone Build – 5 – Package Testing

Delivery Drone Build – 5 – Package Testing

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So we know that the delivery drone will fly, but it needs to be able to carry and deliver packages to the destination. To make that happen, we are using an electromagnet that will secure the payload during flight. Electromagnets work by using electricity to magnetize themselves and can turn off the magnetization by turning off the electricity. This will work great for us because with the simple flip of a switch, the AI can drop the payload on the landing pad.

Omer is showing us how this works in the video below using a few wrenches. With the electromagnet turned on, it has no problem holding the weight of the wrenches, but as soon as he flips the switch, the magnet is deactivated and the wrenches fall. This is the concept of how we will deliver packages.

With a metal component in the box, we can ensure that the magnet holds the payload securely. For example, the box that Omer is using for the demo is about 25x25x20cm and can hold 8-10 beers, two meals with drinks, or anything else that would fit in the box. And of course, possibly the most delivered food item in the world is pizza, so we wanted to ensure that it can carry and deliver a pizza to anyone living in our Pods.

This drone will make life on the water convenient since you won’t have to go back to shore to order dinner or run to the store when you just need a little bit of milk or a few eggs. The ability to make deliveries directly to the home will save time, and effort, and maybe change the way that you look at deliveries forever!

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