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Discovering Panama (San Blas) – Part 4

Discovering Panama (San Blas) – Part 4

Grant has finished up his day in the water and is exploring a beautiful, tiny island. The boat is moored up, the ocean laps gently on the sands of the island. The hammocks, palm trees and volleyball net only make the place more idyllic.

Panama is well known for its amazing snorkelling and diving. From small tropical fish to dolphins and turtles, it’s the perfect place to see a thriving marine ecosystem. On a day like this, we can enjoy the beautiful surroundings but also marvel at the world lying just beneath the surface of the water.

Today Grant got the chance to relax a little. When working so hard, it can be easy to overlook the importance of some time off. But even on a day off, exploring such a beautiful location can also give us an opportunity to reflect and enjoy what a beautiful place San Blas is.

Our project is so closely tied to the ocean and we strive for our Seapods to not only exist in harmony with the ocean but to have a positive impact, too.

Grant will soon be back at work, overseeing the project as it continues to progress. Days like this not only offer short, hard-earned breaks, but can also be a valuable source of inspiration and motivation. The ocean will be home to our Seapods, and being able to experience it in such an idyllic location really lets us appreciate it all the more.

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