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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

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Join us as we go on a SeaPod tour with overnight guest, friend, influencer, and motivational speaker Richard Oostra.

Step onto Alpha Blue, the Shallow Model SeaPod, and prepare to be amazed. It feels like a blend between a floating home and a super yacht.

Outside, you can see the solar panels and plenty of space on the outriggers for water toys, doing a workout or simply relaxing. Kayaks and paddle boards are available for trips to the shops. You’re about 10 meters from shore, so taking an electric paddleboard to visit the local shop is super easy.

Going inside, the SeaPod has a smart door that you can open with your phone. Up the spiral staircase, you’ll be greeted by the most magnificent views. This SeaPod has a full kitchen with high-end appliances. Miele partnered with Ocean Builder to help create this luxurious living area on the water.

There’s also an office space with the best views you can wish for. The SeaPod comes with Starlink, providing super fast internet out on the ocean which makes being a digital nomad from here a dream come true.

Stepping outside, there’s a spacious deck with space for yoga, relaxing or enjoying sundowners. Elevated about 5 meters above the water, you feel as if you are floating, and the view is truly spectacular.

Upon entering, you feel at home with the hardwood flooring and the artwork hanging on the walls. Natural light and airflow are abundant in the bedroom thanks to its large curved windows.
Even the bed features cool tech to keep you comfortable. Power usage is minimal, thanks to overhead fans, open windows, and the smart bed. You barely need the air conditioning, which helps keep power consumption to a minimum.

Next, we go up another spiral staircase. Opening the skylight is a bit of a push but totally worth it! The Panama flag proudly waves next to the Starlink router. You might wonder, “Why Panama?” After seeing this video, it should be clear why this country was chosen for the launch of the SeaPods. Linton Bay is incredibly beautiful!

Final thoughts? Buying and living on a SeaPod is more affordable than you might think. It represents the future of off-grid living and offers a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Shout out to everyone on the Ocean Builders team! Stay tuned to see what’s coming next.

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