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Expedition Vessel in production

Expedition Vessel in production

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“Ocean Builders Deep Sea Explorers”: How does that sound? Mysterious and exciting at the same time right?
Well, with the device we are crafting right now, it will be exactly who we will be because in about a month, we will be doing seafloor topography mapping!

Indeed, we aim to conduct some underwater exploring to potentially find underwater islands which, for us, are pretty much the same as land. Thanks to the anchors we use to stabilize the SeaPods, these underwater lands will have the same function as where we would dig foundations for regular homes.

While our current Pod is designed for shallow water, our deep sea model will require previous seabed exploration to make sure that they will be anchored above a suitable location. To do so, the exploration vessel we are building now will be towed behind a sailboat, and thanks to this wonderful tool, we will be able to map as deep as 2000 meters thanks to a powerful sonar. With our ambitious goal to build deep water SeaPods that will include an underwater room, we definitely need to build up our own seafloor topography capabilities.

It’s a very exciting project because we are really starting to feel like the explorers any kids wished to be when they grew up.

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