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Pod Projector System

Pod Projector System

In this day and age, home entertainment is as important as ever. The current trend in most houses is to mount a TV that is as big as possible to the wall or on a TV stand, but we have a solution that avoids wasting precious wall space with that big black screen.

The full projector system that we are developing aims to provide a television alternative that still delivers the classic big-screen experience with something a little more aesthetically pleasing that can be a little less intrusive and space-wasting.

We will start with the screen. We have a projector screen that can raise and lower with the push of a button. This gives the ability to have a big-screen TV without losing any wall space because it rolls up and stows in the ceiling. You can easily roll it down when you want to use it and roll it back up when you are done.

By using a ceiling-mounted projector, everything is out of the way and saves you space. There is no need for a TV stand that takes up floor space.

One of the best things about this system is that you won’t have a remote control to keep track of. We have all lost the remote in the couch cushions before, but that is now a thing of the past. Everything is wirelessly controlled through an app on your smartphone.

The system operates with an IR blaster which can be powered directly from the projector, so external power is not needed. This serves as the connection between your cellphone and the projector so that you can control everything wirelessly.

From the app, you can control the screen, the projector power, volume, all of the native projector settings, and also navigate through the UI of a service like Roku or another streaming provider. Everything is done in the app so there is no need to have separate remote controls for the screen, the projector, and Roku device.

This is one of the ways we are thinking about moving beyond the status quo. By redesigning “simple” things like a TV, we are able to add convenience, aesthetics, simplicity, and save precious floor and wall space.

Make sure to stay tuned to see some of the other innovations that we are currently working on!

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