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ReefScan ROV Pool Testing Session #1

ReefScan ROV Pool Testing Session #1

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Here we have our new ROV in action. We’ve been really excited about this collaboration with QC, and after unboxing, we couldn’t wait to get to grips with the controls and give our little ROV a test-dive.

Our team is testing the ROV in the pool in order to get familiar with the controls and features before we take it out to the ocean. We certainly weren’t disappointed. We can see it being piloted with the controller which is synced with a smartphone using the Fifish app. This makes for a fast and easy setup, and the smartphone provides a feed to the fantastic camera contained within the ROV.

Looking at the ROV in the water, you can really get a sense of how the omnidirectional movement control, as it pivots with ease across the different axis. One of the features that really stands out is the ability of the ROV not just to move beneath the water, but to maintain its position at a set depth. When filming, exploring, and mapping this capability will be key in order to capture accurate information and great footage. This means steady footage and exact data when it comes to creating three-dimensional underwater maps.

We also get a glimpse from the ROV’s perspective. It might only be a swimming pool, but the steady positioning and clear colors really stand out. Another thing that we can’t ignore is the fantastic wide-angle lens. Even in this environment, we can get a real sense for what this ROV’s camera will be able to capture.

We’ll be practicing with our ROV more to get comfortable with the controls and really learn to make the most of all of the tools crammed into this little drone. But we’re already very excited about the prospects of using this in the ocean. We look forward not only to bringing you footage of Panama’s beautiful coral reefs and marine environment but also to use this ROV as a tool to help protect the health of these reefs.

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