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Solar Array Layout

Solar Array Layout

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Here we have an overview of the solar panel array that will help power the SeaPod, EcoPod, and GreenPod. This panel layout is 5m x 5m so we will have 25 square meters of solar panels collecting energy from the sun to power the home. By our calculations, under normal use, this should be able to supply about half of the required electricity to run the home.

These panel structures can be mounted on the roof of the home, or on the outriggers of the floating base if you choose the floating model. We could potentially have more than one set of solar panels to help gather more energy if it is needed. Additionally, we could have a 7m x 7m setup which will be 49 square meters and basically have the same capacity as two of the 5-meter setups.

Especially for people from developed countries, it can be difficult to adjust our power consumption since electricity is basically unlimited from our power grids and we don’t really know how much we are using on a daily basis. The Ocean Builders app will be able to tell you exactly how much electricity you are using in your home so that you can make adjustments and find ways to cut back on your energy usage to live a more efficient lifestyle.

Coming from a reliable power grid to an off-grid system like this will be a big change but small adjustments can add up and make a big difference. By turning off lights that aren’t being used, turning off appliances while not in use, and maybe cracking the windows to enjoy the ocean breeze instead of running your air conditioner all day, you can start to conserve power.

The power system in our homes will use batteries to store the electricity that is generated from the solar panels and our app will show you exactly how much power you are using, how much you have left, and the estimated time that you can run your home at the current consumption rate. In the case that there are some really cloudy days or maybe you just need to use more electricity than the panels can supply, then we will have a backup generator that can create the power that you need.

This system will help us generate our own clean energy to power these floating homes so that we can cut the cord from local power grids that burn fossil fuels to generate power. By being fully self-sufficient on the water, we can ensure that our homes are generating power in an ecologically safe and responsible way.

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