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Surveying Locations for Deep Water SeaPod

Surveying Locations for Deep Water SeaPod

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One of the things that we are looking into is a Deep Water SeaPod. The first SeaPods will be in waters that are no more than 25 meters or about 80 feet of water, but we want to explore the option of going deeper. Rüdi went on a little expedition to explore a possible location and he took us along with him.

You can see a little bit of the surrounding area in the video below. They took an underwater drone with them so that they could deploy it and drive it around the area to see what the underwater terrain is like. This allows us to survey the area and determine if this is a good place to try a deep water model and what we will be working with if we go there.

Having a SeaPod in deep water would pose additional challenges as we would have to make some changes to our anchoring system. The deep water models would be in water that is at least 30 meters or 100’ deep. Using this drone allows us to scope out the area and make a determination of what kinds of anchoring systems we can use.

We can deploy this underwater drone in various locations to scout things out and determine which will be the best options for us. It is much easier to send the drone than to send divers down so we can explore the areas faster and easier to make things more efficient. This idea is something that we will be exploring and researching in the coming months so be sure to stay on the lookout for more info about the Deep Water SeaPods.

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