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Underwater Window Frame Completed

Underwater Window Frame Completed

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The production of the first underwater window frame(link underwater window frame in production) has been completed. Omer is at the production facility to give us a quick overview of the three pieces.

The frame was made into three pieces so that it could be bolted from both the interior and the exterior. An underwater room will need to withstand the water pressure so we wanted to make sure that this window was going to be strong enough to do the job.

Another benefit of the three-piece design is that we will be able to change this window without removing the underwater room from the water. We can simply bolt an airlock-type device to the outside and swap out the window in the event of damage or an emergency.

These three pieces will sandwich together and the flanges will go over the edge of the hole that we cut in the wall. Everything will be bolted together with heavy-duty hardware and this 1-meter window will give amazing views of the underwater world that will literally be just outside your window.

Now that this frame is completed it will be shipped to the factory so that we can do some testing to make sure that it is perfect. This is something that we absolutely have to get right so we need to do extensive testing to ensure that it will be safe. If we find any ways to improve it, then we can relay those changes and have the next frames manufactured with the changes.

This is one of our most ambitious projects and we can’t wait to look out into the endless vista that is the underwater world from the comfort of your underwater room. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue moving toward full production!

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