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Welcome to the future: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Welcome to the future: Transforming Dreams into Reality

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Being innovative could be assimilated to being able to change and adapt to new situations, new discoveries, and new understanding. Coupled with determination to achieve the desired goals, this capacity to change is at the core of every successful venture. At Ocean Builders, we live by such a motto.

In the past, our focus was on quickly developing and presenting the grand vision, a challenging task given the unprecedented nature of our endeavors. Prototypes and product launches were instrumental in showcasing our vision to the world.

As we step into 2024, our emphasis has shifted towards refinement. Behind-the-scenes efforts may not be as glamorous, but they are essential for translating our conveyed vision into a tangible future. We are meticulously building a robust foundation that will underpin all future developments. Currently residing in SeaPods, we are actively identifying areas for improvement and iteration, simplifying our approach. That’s how we decided to change the Pod’s roof design and flooring layout for example. That’s what prototypes are for after all right?

New roof design
New floor layout

Our commitment to refinement is evident in the fourth iteration of the EcoPod design, with the first prefabricated SeaPod in progress. Estimated to take 8-12 months, this initiative forms the cornerstone for initiating true mass production of SeaPods. With an extensive backlog of pre-orders, this new system is critical for timely fulfillment. Our current production capacity allows for 3-4 Pods annually, but the introduction of the new system in Panama will boost this to 20+ Pods per year. Additional factories are being established to scale production even further. Only then we will be able to turn our vision of sustainable ocean living into an achievable outcome.

We are currently shooting a video for you to really imagine yourself living on a Pod. Expect to be wowed by our upcoming promotional video offering a glimpse into the SeaPod lifestyle, and showcasing why we are so passionate about introducing this innovative way of living to the world.

Excitingly, we have numerous special projects in the pipeline that will catapult SeaPods into mainstream awareness. While details and locations are set to be announced around mid-year, these visionary concepts will transform our vision into vibrant communities.

Here’s to an exciting future, and happy new year once again!


Grant Romundt
CEO, Ocean Builders

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