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Ocean Builders Achieves Milestone! Alpha Blue Successfully Deployed to New Site in Panama

Ocean Builders Achieves Milestone! Alpha Blue Successfully Deployed to New Site in Panama

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Exciting update! Ocean Builders has reached a significant milestone! SeaPod Alpha Blue has successfully been relocated 1.2 km away from the marina, positioning us exactly where we’ve envisioned ourselves since we set sail to Panama.

After years of unwavering commitment and resilience against all challenges, we’ve turned our dream into reality. As a result of five years of nurturing our vision towards independent ocean living, this milestone is significant.

In a remarkable journey marked by innovation and teamwork, SeaPod Alpha Blue has successfully been moved to its deployment site.

Ensuring a SeaPod’s readiness for its journey transcends mere horsepower. Under the guidance of three robust tugboats and Ocean Builders’ Chief Engineer, Rudy Koch, riding his Jet Ski, the meticulous process of securing Alpha Blue unfolded as an intricate dance between human expertise and mechanical precision.

With chains clinking and anchors carefully set, our floating abode was ensured to remain steadfast against the forces of the open sea. Navigating gracefully through the marina and open waters, Alpha Blue displayed remarkable stability, a testament to its careful engineering.

Now securely positioned in its designated location, Alpha Blue stands poised for the next phase of Research and Development. This deployment site is more than a destination; it’s a space where SeaPods will evolve, proving their capabilities in real-world conditions.

As we revel in the success of this journey, we eagerly anticipate sharing the SeaPod lifestyle with you. Our team is enthusiastic about unveiling the complete SeaPod experience, highlighting the seamless fusion of technology, design, and the sheer beauty of sustainable ocean living.

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