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In our video, we have Connor, the Business Development Manager here at Ocean Builders, and like the rest of us, he’s really excited to talk about the plan to create an Aquacycler. But what on Earth is an Aquacylcer?

Well, if you can’t guess it from the name, an Aquacycler will be an autonomous vessel that can be deployed near the Seapods to help filter plastic and trash out from the ocean. The Seapod design already prioritizes a system where the inhabitants can live without polluting their beautiful ocean neighborhood. The Aquacycler takes this one step further and seeks to keep the areas around Seapods trash-free.

Of course, even if the waste from Seapods is dealt with, the level of trash and plastic pollution in the oceans today is a major cause for concern. Plastic and debris constantly wash ashore on beaches all around the world. The Aquacycler will not only reduce the impact of the Seapods, but also combat other ocean trash.

The Aquacycler will roam the ocean, collecting trash and cleaning the water. It is similar to the other autonomous vessel under development which handles trash from the Seapods. With those designs, users can deposit their trash bags in the vessel which will return to the land and deploy the trash for treatment and eco-friendly handling. The key difference is that the Aquacycler will deal with the trash that is already in the ocean and then return it to the land for appropriate disposal or recycling.

Just as no one wants trash in their front yard, we don’t want trash in the ‘front-ocean’ of our Seapods. If you’re a drone or software engineer, and this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, please reach out. We’re always keen to hear from like-minded individuals who want to create innovative solutions to ocean living.

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