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Bulletproof Pod

Bulletproof Pod

Here at Ocean Builders, we are creating something totally new that the world has never seen before. That means that along the way, we are constantly experimenting to see if there is a better method or a better option that we could use in our design. One of the ideas that we had was to see if we can make a bulletproof SeaPod.

Now, we don’t expect your SeaPod to be hit by any stray bullets or anything like that, but should someone come along and ask for a more durable or impact-resistant design, we want to know if that would be possible. So… We are going to do an experiment and see how it turns out.

Normally we build the SeaPod with layers of woven fiberglass and then apply a coat of resin that becomes very hard and very strong once everything is cured. Fiberglass is a very lightweight material with a high strength-to-weight ratio so it is a perfect material that will work great for the SeaPod.

Our idea that we had was to try using kevlar. Kevlar is another woven material that is often used when making bulletproof vests or helmets for police and the military. It is a bit more heavy-duty than fiberglass but they are both woven materials that can have a resin applied to them.

So we will use a special resin and apply it over a few sheets of kevlar in the same way that we use our fiberglass. We are going to do some testing once it is cured to see how strong it actually is and if it provides any benefits over normal fiberglass.

After we do the testing we will provide an update with the results here in the blog so be sure to stay tuned for some updates about this experiment which should be coming to the blog very soon!

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