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Camera Gear & More Frequent Factory Updates

Camera Gear & More Frequent Factory Updates

We truly think that the work that we are doing here at Ocean Builders will change the way the world looks at housing forever. With this idea being so unique, we felt that it was very important to document the process and keep everyone updated during every step. To help with the media side of things, we have purchased a few things that will allow us to deliver better content.

We wanted to be able to give everyone some short video clips that can accompany these articles in the blog. We recently bought a DJI OM 5 gimbal for this purpose. The OM 5 is a gimbal that is designed for cell phones. It has a mount that you put on your cell phone that then allows you to attach the phone to the magnet on the gimbal.

A gimbal acts as a stabilizer for a camera, or in this case our cellphone. It has sensors and motors that move the arm to counteract any movement that you make while walking or moving your arms. This helps to eliminate camera shakes so that everyone can enjoy smooth videos.

The DJI brand has an app that pairs with the gimbal so that you can control the camera manually or operate the zoom. It also has face-tracking technology so that we can set the camera down and have it follow the subject when they are walking around during the video. The gimbal also has an extendable arm that can give the camera a little more reach to put the camera closer or further away from whatever we are filming.

Using this gimbal alongside our DJI Osmo Pocket will help us document everything going on at the factory so that we can keep all of our readers up to date on everything that is happening here in Panama as we continue to make progress on the SeaPod.

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