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Concept For 3D Printed Coral Habitats

Concept For 3D Printed Coral Habitats

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Coral reefs are a crucial part of our oceans all around the world, and they are struggling to survive as conditions become more difficult for them to sustain and grow. By creating coral-friendly habitats beneath the SeaPod, we can offer a place where corals can settle and begin new colonies.

Corals are actually made by living organisms called coral polyps. These polyps excrete an exoskeleton of calcium carbonate which creates the almost rock-like corals that we can see all around the world. Coral reefs have thousands and thousands of polyps that work together to build these huge structures.

Corals need to be in somewhat shallow water where the sunlight can reach them, so we usually see reefs in shallow water near the shoreline. Because of their proximity to the shore, many corals that are not protected are damaged or even killed by boats, water pollution, human interaction, and water warming.

By creating an environment where corals can grow beneath the SeaPod, we are solving several problems. First, the corals can live in a place where there will not be boat traffic or tourism. Just like you don’t have people driving through your garden at home, your corals will be protected due to their proximity to the SeaPod.

Another benefit is that we can allow corals to grow in deeper water than they normally would. Since we can support the colony with the floating SeaPod, the corals won’t need the support of the seafloor, which is simply too deep for sunlight to reach in some places. For SeaPods in more shallow water, we can grow corals on the seafloor in a natural way.

To create these coral gardens of sorts, we will use 3D printed habitats which promote coral growth. Polyps thrive in certain conditions that are found in nature, so if we can recreate the shapes and conditions that they naturally grow in, then we can give them a habitat to start new colonies which will have the chance to continue to grow beyond the habitats that we install.

Coral reefs are hotspots for marine life. Offering protection and hiding spots to smaller animals, symbiotic relationships with thousands of species, protection of shorelines, and creating a community for thousands of species to thrive and grow, we feel that promoting coral growth is an incredibly important job to improve the health of our oceans worldwide. Not only will we be creating a lively and beautiful scene for you to enjoy while snorkeling below your SeaPod, but we will be helping to rebuild the “rainforest” of the oceans.

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