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Bilge Pump Update

Bilge Pump Update

Here we have a demonstration of the bilge pump controller. Just like in a boat, the bilge pump is responsible for pumping any water out of the bottom of the boat, or the SeaPod spars in our case.

The pump is accompanied by sensors that are capable of sensing when the water level is too high, or if there is water at all. When the sensor detects a certain amount of water, then it will automatically trigger the pump to start pumping the water back out of the spar.

This is a very critical component that must be extremely reliable. To help maintain the reliability that is required from the bilge pump, we are using a PLC controller which is an industry-standard that can offer decades of consistent reliability. Since we need the bilge pump to work consistently and properly without failure, this is one of the best ways to integrate it into the system to ensure reliability.

The bilge pump system will be integrated into our home automation app as well. You will be able to receive an alert when the pump detects water and starts to pump. Through the app, you will also be able to see when the pump is running and control the pump manually should you have the need to do that.

The PLC controller will work in conjunction with our Brain Computer to help integrate it into the various other home automation systems that help bring the SeaPod to life. Things like the bilge pump are more “behind the scenes” than some of the other aspects of the SeaPod but the function that they serve is absolutely crucial to help to keep everything floating the way it should and keeping water out of places that it shouldn’t be.

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