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Deepwater Model: The Merge

Deepwater Model: The Merge

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The merger of our Deepwater SeaPod has been successfully completed! The entire operation went smoothly, and now we have a thriving community of SeaPods, ready to embrace the future.

We made contact and completed the merger, or what we called the marriage. After carefully lowering the spar and sealing the hatch, we pumped out the ballast water, allowing the SeaPod to rise and float independently.

The fiberglass structure was now on the spar, still somewhat supported by the barge. We quickly began pumping water out from the underwater room, which we had used as ballast to keep it down. As the water was removed, you could see the SeaPod slowly rising. This was the moment we had all been waiting for, delayed for months due to the trade winds passing through the Caribbean. You could feel the excitement in the air.

As the SeaPod rose over the next half hour, it began to bear more and more of its own weight. Within an hour, it would be completely free-floating. At that point, we would be able to move the barge away, and the operation would be complete.

Ocean Builders' newest SeaPod, Alpha Deep, currently floats independently in the Caribbean waters of Panama.
Ocean Builders’ newest SeaPod, Alpha Deep, currently floats independently in the Caribbean waters of Panama.

“It was fantastic! It’s hard to describe the mix of excitement and nervousness when trying something completely new. But we did it, and it felt incredible,” says CEO Grant Romundt.

The process went smoothly, with everything working perfectly and the waves cooperating beautifully. Our dream is coming to life and we now have a whole neighborhood of SeaPods.

Things are getting really interesting! Stay tuned as we share more exciting updates on what’s coming next. Whether it’s another SeaPod or a GreenPod, the future looks bright, and we are thrilled to share these developments with you.

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