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Naming Our Newest SeaPod

Naming Our Newest SeaPod

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During my recent visit to the site, I stood at the bottom of the emergency exit hatch on a temporary platform we had constructed for ongoing work.

We were adding the final touches to the name “Alpha Deep,” with Carlito leading the lettering efforts.

Amid the hustle, I could hear the generators running as our team worked diligently. Several team members were in the underwater room tackling the humidity issue. A large fan was pushing air upwards to improve circulation and remove moisture, especially since we had recently laid concrete, which needed time to dry out completely.

During our preparations to marry the fiberglass EcoPod with the spar, we used water as ballast to keep the spar at the desired level for a successful merge. Once the EcoPod was positioned on top of the spar, we removed most of the water from the underwater room, leaving just a small amount to manage any fluctuations.

The emergency ladder extended down to the water level, visible from where I stood. As you can see, we had some rust marks and remnants from the temporary structures used during the merge. We planned to clean all this up and do the final painting to make everything look pristine and ready for public viewing.

In about 15 minutes, we expected to complete the painting of the name. After that, we planned to focus on the interior work, which would take another month to complete.

Once we finished painting and stenciling the name, we planned to take photos to submit to the Marine Authority in Panama for final approval. This was one of the last steps to complete our paperwork, and everything was progressing smoothly.

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