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Discovering Panama (Diving San Blas) Part 2

Discovering Panama (Diving San Blas) Part 2

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Continuing on Grant’s day of exploration, we are back from the islands in San Blas, Panama. Grant is suited up and has his snorkeling equipment ready to go swimming with some of the local marine life, but before he jumps in, he has another update for us.

One of the coolest things about not only being but also living on the water is that the views are just breathtaking. Without buildings, hills, or trees to block the view, you get stunning picture-perfect panoramas that look like something that an artist would paint.

Today on the water we have some moody clouds rolling in that are giving our backdrop quite a dramatic appearance. These thick clouds darken the sky and the sea while the islands seem to defy the darkness and remain bright from the remaining sun. This brings some nice contrast to the scene and really makes the islands stand out.

While this beautiful scene is lovely to look at and appreciate, Grant is on a mission to explore the underwater world and see what it holds. The nearby sunken ship is sure to be home to countless fish and the calm waters here attract all sorts of marine life.

This particular area in San Blas also has kayaks available so maybe they will be able to paddle around the area after the dive. There is no shortage of fun things to do here and it’s a perfect way to unwind after all the hard work Grant has been doing. We have more to share from these islands so check back soon for more!

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