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Discovering Panama (San Blas) – Part 1

Discovering Panama (San Blas) – Part 1

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Recently on a very rare day off, Grant was able to take the boat out and do a little bit of exploring here in Panama. About 60 kilometers from the factory, he spent the day in the San Blas area which is made up of more than 300 small islands in the Caribbean Sea just off of the northern coast of Panama.

Grant has been hearing about San Blas for quite some time but he never had the chance to make the trip, but he was finally able to find some time to do a bit of exploring, swimming, and relaxing on this beautiful day. And of course, he brought his cameras along so that we can share the adventures with all of you.

Nearly every one of these several hundred tiny islands here looks like they were taken straight from a photo in a travel magazine. Most of the islands are very small and uninhabited so there is quite a bit of natural and untouched beauty to appreciate.

Grant was able to fly his drone and do some exploration from the sky. He also was able to go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. There is an old shipwreck here that has been taken over by the bustling marine life beneath the surface.

Grant works very hard here at Ocean Builders, usually working full days, seven days a week so it can be difficult for him to sneak away. Even though he planned this day over a week in advance, he still wasn’t able to get everything done that he wanted to do before leaving, but that is a problem for tomorrow.

This is a day of relaxation and adventure that is long overdue for a hard worker like Grant. While we are always working hard on the SeaPod project, we do recognize the importance of occasionally taking a day to enjoy the sun, sand, and crystal clear waters here in Panama.

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