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Drone Delivery Services

Drone Delivery Services

We are back with Connor in Panama at the site from which our delivery drones will operate. This is the bay where the first SeaPods will be deployed and this site in the video will act as the home base for the delivery drones.

As you may have read in our previous article about the delivery drones, we will use these drones to help deliver goods across the bay to the SeaPods and bring waste or other items back to shore without anyone having to manually deliver it in a boat.

Most of the commercially available drones do not have the payload capacity, speed, or range that we need for this project so it is something that we are developing in-house. We have experts from all around the world working together to design an automated drone that will fit our needs.

In addition to the airborne drone system, we are also developing a surface drone that acts like a remotely controlled boat to carry heavier items that will be more difficult to get into the air. This will also be automated and will be able to navigate from the home base to the SeaPods and back without needing to be operated by a pilot.

These drone delivery services will allow SeaPod dwellers to have things like pizza, groceries, clean laundry, medical supplies or medicines, packages, and more delivered directly to their SeaPod without having to go back to shore. Additionally, the drones can take things back to shore such as recycling, trash, dirty clothes, packages, and anything else that may need to be removed from the SeaPod.

We are always working on developing and building the different technologies that will be involved with these projects so if you have expertise in any of the related areas, then feel free to reach out to us here at Ocean Builders to see if you will be a good fit to help us in the development process.

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