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Drone Tour of where SeaPods will be placed

Drone Tour of where SeaPods will be placed

Here we have a short drone tour that shows where we will be deploying the first SeaPods here in Linton Bay, Panama. As you can see, this is a picturesque little corner of the world that we feel is a perfect place to live. From the deep blue water to the lush green mountains in the background to the small islands all around to the stunning sunsets, Linton Bay is simply an incredible place to be and an even better place to live.

You can see that the sea is calm and relaxing and that everything just feels peaceful. This marina doesn’t have incredibly high traffic so there won’t be too much going on above water around your SeaPod, but below the surface, there will be an incredibly lively ecosystem of corals, fish, and other marine life that calls this wonderful place home.

It’s hard to describe how perfect this place is so we will let the views in the video speak for themselves. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we take you through the sky and share some of the best views in Linton Bay, Panama.

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