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Finishing Solar Installation

Finishing Solar Installation

We have another update on the progress of getting the solar power system up and running at the factory. Being “green” and environmentally friendly is something that is one of our core values here at Ocean Builders. We keep the environment in mind with everything that we do. One big step toward that goal that we have decided to take is to install a solar panel system that will be able to supply electricity to the entire factory.

The solar panels on the roof generate energy and then send that energy to the inverters that are located inside. The inverters send the electricity to the battery packs which will store the energy. The inverters also take that energy and turn it into a controlled and safe current that we can use to power everything from our office to our lights to our tools, including higher draw equipment like welding machines that need more power.

We are buttoning up the final steps of the installation, and pending one missing piece that may or may not have been lost, we should be on the last day of installation. When we are finished we can start generating our own electricity and become independent from the local power grid. While blackouts are not incredibly common in this part of Panama, they are simply part of living in most places in Latin America and we want to be able to work through them when they happen.

After all of the electrical equipment is installed and ready to go, we will build an enclosure around all of the electronics. These inverters are located inside of our factory so we want to protect them from dust, fiberglass particles, and other harmful things that are often aloft in the factory. We want to keep everything covered so that we don’t run into any problems down that road that could potentially cripple the solar power system.

We are very excited about this step toward energy independence as well as using 100% clean energy here at the factory to bring these revolutionary homes to life. Be sure to stay tuned for more factory updates to stay up-to-date with all of the exciting things going on here at the Ocean Builders factory.

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