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Finishing the Connection from the TriPod to the SeaPod

Finishing the Connection from the TriPod to the SeaPod

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The actual living area of the Pod is lowered onto the center spar where it will be permanently mounted. Since the center spar needs to be smaller than the hole for it to fit, there is a small gap between the spar and the Pod that we don’t want to leave open.

One option is to use flashing to cover the surface. This flashing acts like a trim to cover the gaps and make everything not only look better but also to be properly sealed. The flashing is applied around the gap and we use an adhesive to make sure that it stays in place.

Once the flashing is in place, we use white silicone to go around the edges and make everything look smooth. As you can see, we have the flashing installed and the guys are just finishing up on some of the edge work before they finish up.

Everyone is working hard as we move closer to the launch date and the progress that we’ve been seeing is fantastic. We can’t wait to bring these homes to the world and we are sure that everyone will love them, and even if not, Grant will still be here enjoying life on the water!

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