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Automatic Balancing System

Automatic Balancing System

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Since the SeaPods will be in the ocean, there is not a solid foundation that keeps the home permanently still. The ocean is an ever-changing environment and keeping things balanced in an ever-changing environment is a crucial part of keeping the home safe.

Another factor about a floating home is that the weight will be moving around. As the people move throughout the home or out to the outer spars, the balance of the home can change so we need something to compensate for that to keep the home level.

We have created an automatic leveling system that has sensors all throughout the structure to measure exactly how the home is sitting in the water. Each of the three outer spars has a ballast tank that will have pumps to fill or empty the tanks with water as needed.

If one side of the TriPod is holding too much weight, meaning that the home is leaning on that spar too much, then the pumps will fill the other tanks until the home is level again. The sensors will constantly be measuring the pitch of the home so that the automation system will know right away if the home is not balanced.

Another use for this system is to make sure that the home is floating at the right draw. If you have a group of friends over, then the weight of the extra people will make the platform sit a little bit lower in the water. The pumps can remove water from the tanks to make the platform more buoyant so that it will sit higher in the water. The opposite will happen when those people leave and the house is too high in the water. The tanks will fill with water until the home is at the right level again.

The pumps that are used in this system will be able to move water very fast so that these changes will happen quickly. Each of the tanks will have water level sensors so that the system always knows exactly how much water is in each tank. This is a crucial system for a floating home so we have put in a ton of work and testing to make sure that everything will be safe.

This system will be working around the clock to make sure that your home is always level in the water and since everything is automatic, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your life above the waves!

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