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Skylight Cap Foundation

Skylight Cap Foundation

Grant is back at the factory to show us the foundation for the skylight cap that will be above the shower in the SeaPod. This will be the outer rim and the actual hatch will fit inside this circle.

We have found a way to make this piece into a multi-use part that we can utilize on another part of the Pod. Since the skylight opening is the same diameter as the center spar, we can use this on the bottom of the Pod to help make the connection point look a little bit better.

Currently, our solution that covers the area where the center spar goes into the bottom of the Pod works but is not as aesthetically pleasing as this. We can use this piece in the future as a rosette to cover up the connection point and make things look a little bit better.

To help visualize this, you can think about hardwood floors in a house. The floor is never perfectly matched to the bottom of the wall so there is always a piece of trim that is laid down to cover up those imperfections. We have the same situation. If the spar was the same size as the hole, it wouldn’t fit so the spar needs to be slightly smaller than the hole. This means that there is a gap that runs around the center spar and we can use this ring to help cover that gap and make things look better.

On top of the Pod, it will have a similar job while also providing support for the roof hatch. The hatch will be inside the ring so this piece will provide protection and support for the hatch. This is the main roof access so it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand years of use.

Finding ways to leverage products that we are already making helps to improve our overall efficiency and reduces the waste that is generated during construction. Efficiency, consistency, and quality are the keys to a production process that will be able to make great floating homes for people to live in all around the world!

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