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First Day of Factory Cleanup for The Grand Opening

First Day of Factory Cleanup for The Grand Opening

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Something is missing from our factory today. But what could it be? “The Pod”, yes indeed! We moved it out to the open and we now have a big empty space ready for the grand opening. Well, “empty & ready” aren’t entirely true for the time being.

It was an impressive operation to transport the Pod out of its birthplace to the show location where it will be hanged in the air for the big event.
But we don’t have time to waste appreciating the massive milestone we just achieved because we need to clean the factory as soon as possible for the big event we are planning.

The whole crew is here, and to help us with the big task ahead, we hired extra local hands to give this place a big revamp so that we can organize the launch event inside. It’s not going to be that easy because it’s a big space, and it’s a factory, with everything it entails: machinery, fiberglass molds, garbage wood, machinery of all kinds and a few ongoing projects. So we need to transform the factory to welcome our guests.

The crew gathered around to assign tasks so that everyone knows what they need to do, and with everything being so well organized, it should be done quickly. Then, we can start decorating the factory with everything needed to make the space worth the amazing moment ahead of us. Very exciting!

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