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The SeaPod, EcoPod, and EarthPod have so much technology packed into the small package that makes everyday life easier and more convenient. As with most technologically complex things, a smart home requires a bit of configuration and setting changes to adjust the home to have the settings that you want. While this is usually just something that you do over the first few days of living in a smart home, we want to make it so that you only have to do it once, even if you move to a different home.

Our idea is called Follow Me and it will save your preferred settings for every aspect of the smart home so that you don’t have to start from scratch if you are in a different home, your settings will simply follow you and be applied and everything will be ready to go. This can happen as instantly as when you scan your smart ring at the door to enter the home. It will recognize you and instantly change all of the settings to your liking.

This would be extremely useful if you move from a SeaPod to an EcoPod, or to an Ocean Builders home in a different location. Also, if you are more of a snowbird and only live in your SeaPod during part of the year, then your settings will automatically be applied when you arrive and if someone else stays there while you are away, their settings will seamlessly be applied in the same way.

We are developing this as an open-source technology so that in the future, hopefully it can be applied to smarthomes or even hotels outside of the Ocean Builders umbrella. Staying in a hotel is never quite the same as being at home, but as hotels begin to add more smart devices and technology, we may be able to keep our same routine and settings that we have at home when we are on the road.

Beyond homes, this technology could eventually be applied to cars and trucks as well. We all know the feeling of getting into a different car and having to adjust the seat, mirror, steering wheel, radio, and climate control. Especially when borrowing a friend’s car, you may prefer to be uncomfortable because you don’t want to change their settings, but this technology could allow the car to instantly apply your settings and then return to the original settings that your friend had when they drive the car again.

Of course, this is a new idea and uses new technology so we have to develop everything from the ground-up. If you have any skills or expertise that you feel could help bring this project to life, then feel free to reach out on our Contribute page and check out our Participate Now page to browse through some of the other cool projects that we are working on.

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