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Shower Controller

Shower Controller

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Here we have a CAD drawing showing the enclosure for the shower controller and the custom PCB board that will be used within it. The shower controller acts as the brain of the smart shower system and reads and relays information between the sensors, the home automation app which will run on a tablet in a waterproof enclosure, and the hardware that is used to make the shower run.

This controller is what directs the traffic and makes the adjustments needed to operate the smart shower. For example, when you turn on the shower through the home automation app, the shower controller sends a signal to the electric pumps to start flowing water. The shower has several sensors for things like water temperature and water pressure, so the controller is always monitoring the feedback that it gets from those sensors.

If the sensors show that the water is above or below the temperature that was set by the user, then the shower controller will automatically relay that message to the hot water mixer which will adjust the temperature accordingly. The water pressure sensor will always be reading the water pressure that is coming through the nozzles so that if the water pressure needs to be raised or lowered, then the controller will see that and automatically make the required adjustments.

The box that will house the shower controller will be waterproof to keep all of the electronics safe. We will be using IP66 rated connectors that will deliver power-over-ethernet so that we will not only have a super-efficient board but we will be able to pass data through the same cable so there will be fewer wires. Since all of the sensors and the main data cable are hardwired, we won’t be generating any unnecessary EMFs from this controller.

All of these things will come together to provide a wonderful shower experience at sea while the shower controller handles all of the behind-the-scenes work to make everything function together seamlessly.

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