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Incinerator Heat Exchanger

Incinerator Heat Exchanger

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Part of making a super-efficient home is finding ways to repurpose things that would otherwise be wasted. In this case, we will be repurposing the heat that is generated from our jet incinerator system.

Since the incinerator system will generate quite a bit of heat when burning the waste, we decided to try to harness some of that heat instead of just letting it dissipate and be wasted. One of the main things that we will use this heat for is to make hot water.

We have a heat exchanger that features several loops of copper tubes that water will flow through. The heat from the incinerator will be harnessed through this exchanger to heat the water that is inside the tubes. We can then use the hot water in the shower, bath, or sinks.

Another project that we are working on is to harness that heat so that we can utilize it in our steam turbine. This turbine usually harnesses solar energy to create steam and turn the turbine which generates electricity for the SeaPod. By using the heat from the incinerator, we can give the turbine a little boost which will be helpful at times when the solar energy is not at the optimal level.

Since we have to burn the fuel to operate the incinerator anyway, being able to capture the heat that is generated will help us make the SeaPod more efficient. By burning the waste in the incinerator we will in turn create heat that can give us hot water or go towards generating power for the home.

Utilizing the byproducts of normal functions is a great way to find a little bit of extra efficiency and all of the little things add up to huge energy savings which is very important in a home like this. These processes still need some more work to fully bring them to life, but the progress is both steady and promising!

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