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Protecting Electronics From Corrosion

Protecting Electronics From Corrosion

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One of the biggest concerns about building a floating home is corrosion. Seawater, humidity, and the constant exposure to both will corrode just about any metal that you put into this environment. Protecting steel is pretty straightforward with the use of epoxy paint to seal it from the elements. When it comes to electronics, it is a bit more complicated.

As an example of what we will be combating, Grant has a magnetic safety key that is used on our electric paddleboards that is heavily corroded. This is a magnet that was exposed to these conditions for only about five months. As you can see, it is not in good shape like the newer one beside it.

These magnets come with a protective layer to prevent corrosion, but that layer was scratched from normal use. Once there is a scratch and the elements can get through the protection and to the metal, then it is only a matter of time. As you can see, the corrosion has caused the magnet to expand to nearly twice its original thickness and it is now starting to break out of the plastic housing.

While these specific magnets are not part of the SeaPod design, they are something that is used every day in the same environment that the SeaPod will be in. They give a good representation of what will happen to our electronic components if we do not properly protect them.

This will be avoidable for our electronics and we are putting quite a bit of design effort into making sure that we do not end up with corroded electronics that fail to do their jobs. This is a huge concern for us so we will do everything we can to avoid it, and little reminders like these magnets show us the importance of every little detail.

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