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Incinerator R&D Production Facility

Incinerator R&D Production Facility

While we make quite a bit of the components for the SeaPod at the Ocean Builders Factory here in Panama, some things require a bit more than we can handle at the factory. One example of this is the components of the incinerator for the incinerator toilet.

We are working with a fully sophisticated facility that has all of the professional equipment and personnel needed for these technologies. This facility is capable of doing all of the research & development, designs, testing, and revisions to bring these technologies to life.

Establishing relationships with these professional facilities is very important to us. Instead of having them develop our components and that being the end of it, we can work with them in the future on different projects and build a working relationship that can benefit both them and us.

Another benefit is that after the research & development is completed, we can have these facilities manufacture the parts for us. The ability to take our ideas from the first stages of research to full manufacturing all under one roof is something that makes life easier for everyone involved.

The facility that you see in these pictures here is just one example of the professional production facilities that we will be using for the SeaPod project. Even though we want to make as much as possible in-house, we aren’t afraid to get a little extra help when we need it.

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