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3D Scanning Physical Objects

3D Scanning Physical Objects

Here we have Grant going over some new technology that we may be able to implement into our SeaPod production process. It is a cell phone based LIDAR scanner that is able to use light to scan an object and create a digital rendering of that object.

Grant decided to do a quick test on one of the subfloor sections that we have recently made. The LIDAR emits light and then based on the way that the light is reflected back to the sensor, it can create a digital 3D image of the section. This is more than just a photo because it actually creates a 3D item that we can put into the computer and manipulate with different software.

When building the 3D image, the software uses various shapes to match all of the curves, edges, and surfaces of the item. This allows for an accurate representation of all of the intricacies of whatever we are scanning.

One of the ways that we can use this technology to our benefit is to check our work to ensure that our pieces fit the specifications that we need them to be. We can scan the pieces and then take the 3D image and compare it to our original CAD designs to ensure that they have the proper specs.

Another use could be if we need to replicate something. If we have an item that we need to build a copy of, this technology can allow us to scan the item and create a 3D image of it which we can then input into a 3D printer or a CNC machine. This would be much more accurate than trying to manually measure all of the angles or curves that the item may have.

This scan that you see in the video was just a quick test scan to see how it worked. When we do the actual scans in the future, we will go much slower and the results will be more precise. Hopefully, this technology will prove to be useful and make our lives just a little bit easier. And even if it doesn’t end up being useful for this application, then the technology and the idea is something that is very exciting when we think about how far it will go in the future!

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