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Multiroom audio

Multiroom audio

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The Ocean Builders homes will have multiroom audio capabilities that will allow you to easily play and control the speakers in your home from our home assistant app. This system will allow you to play your music, radio, or podcast and listen to it throughout the home, or adjust the volume in certain rooms as needed.

The home assistant app has voice control that can be used to turn on, pause, or turn off whatever music you would like to listen to. Simply ask the app to play a certain song or artist and it will do so.

The app interface will allow you to adjust or turn off the volume in each room, all on the same screen. Each room will have a volume slider so that you can fine-tune it to your liking. There is also a mute button that will allow you to easily mute the sound but then have the same volume setting when you are ready to unmute.

This system is controlled by our audio controller which uses special marine-grade connectors that will give us power-over-ethernet capabilities while keeping everything watertight and sealed off from the harsh marine environment.

This system will allow you to have complete control of the audio in your home at your fingertips. Multiroom audio will make sure that you don’t have to fuss with connecting to different speakers as you move through the house. Everything will be automatic and simple, just the way it should be.

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