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Smart Shower Activation to custom settings with NFC device

Smart Shower Activation to custom settings with NFC device

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We want to make those small and annoying tasks that have become normal parts of our lives a thing of the past. When designing our shower, we wanted to take it to the next level. Not only is this smart shower completely customizable, but it will also remember your preferred settings and automatically apply them when it reads your NFC device.

You will set up the shower to have your preferred nozzle selection, water temperature, and water pressure, and then our system will remember your settings. When you present an NFC device like a smart ring or even your phone, the shower will see that it is you and set the shower to your liking without the need to fidget with knobs to find the perfect temperature.

Since the shower is controlled electronically through the home automation app, all of your changes can be made on the tablet that will be mounted in the bathroom, and some changes may be made by voice. This will allow you to find the exact temperature and pressure that you like. You can see the number instead of having to adjust it based on how the water feels. No more jumping into a shower that is too cold or too hot, it will always be perfect.

Our Follow Me technology will allow you to take your settings with you. If you are in a different SeaPod, then the home will still automatically adjust to your settings in the same way. This is just a small part of the big project of making life easier and we are sure that you will enjoy the convenience!

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