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SeaPod Production Molds Partial Assembly

SeaPod Production Molds Partial Assembly

We spent quite a long time producing the prototype molds for the SeaPod here at the factory, in fact, some parts took nearly two years to get right. These prototype molds are what we used to make the first prototype, but they won’t be what we use when the SeaPod goes into full production.

We have another set of molds that we will be using for production and these production molds have a much better tolerance, down to a few millimeters, so the sections will be much more exact. This will require less finishing work and make the fitment of the final sections go more smoothly. Basically, these molds will make production move faster and more efficiently.

You can see in the video below that some of these production molds are starting to be assembled. We still have a few sections to finish up but they should be completed in the coming weeks. Once we get all of these molds ready to go, we can put the SeaPod into production.

We are making great progress towards full production so keep an eye on the blog for more updates on the final stages of development!

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