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Ocean Builders in the news: our 2023 top 3 press review

Ocean Builders in the news: our 2023 top 3 press review

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2023 was a wonderful year for Ocean Builders at many levels. We have achieved several important milestones in our overall goal to make SeaPods available for everyone interested as soon as possible.

If you follow our blog, you sure know how exciting our 2023 journey has been, culminating in the soon-to-be completed SeaPod Alpha Deep and its wonderful underwater room.

But 2023 has also been a great success in the news, as Ocean Builder has been featured in numerous publications, helping us to grow, of course, but also educating the market that YES, modern homesteading on the ocean will soon be possible!

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We have selected three articles to feature, but there were many more we could have listed. Have a great read!

1 – Overwater Bungalow? – Conde Nast Traveler.

In this June 2, 2023 article titled “Overwater Bungalows?”, join Terry Ward’s captivating exploration of SeaPods, futuristic overwater bungalows off Panama’s Caribbean coast. Terry highlights the environmentally friendly design and the coral-enhancing potential of SeaPods, drawing on experts’ insights. From Grant Romundt’s vision to the natural evolution of SeaPods, Terry’s narrative vividly captures the transition from residential structures to groundbreaking hospitality.

The article showcases the immersive experience within a SeaPod, emphasizing bespoke concierge services and exclusive excursions. SeaPods, beyond luxurious accommodations, emerge as active contributors to marine conservation. Terry introduces collaborative efforts in coral nurseries and 3D-printing experiments, adding depth to SeaPods’ role as marine life generators.

Plans for a fully floating resort based on SeaPods in Panama and potential projects in other locations unfold through Terry’s engaging prose. The construction details of various SeaPod versions, from deep-sea variants to the flagship design, offer a glimpse into the diverse future of these floating structures. Through Terry Ward’s insightful storytelling, the SeaPods article becomes a captivating journey, blending luxury with an environmentally conscious future.

Read the full article here.

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2- From Panamanian Sea-Pods to Santa Monica Bungalows: 9 Luxe Homes for Sale Designed for Eco-Conscious Living – Robb Report

Emma Reynolds, in her Robb Report article of March 2, 2023, sheds light on 9 luxe homes having a sustainability focus. Ocean Builders was among these 9 properties thanks to its pioneering mission to redefine sustainable living through eco-friendly SeaPods and GreenPods. The SeaPod, designed for water-based living, is hailed as the world’s first eco-restorative floating home. Initially situated in Linton Bay, Panama, these 830-square-foot pods, positioned eight feet above the water, aim to create and restore a natural ocean habitat beneath each home.

Ocean Builders’ SeaPods, driven by technology, offer residents digital control over various aspects, including air and water temperature. The article highlights the innovative approach of these floating homes, emphasizing their eco-restorative impact. The first SeaPods is set in Linton Bay, with plans for global expansion in the future.

With models ranging from $795,000 to $1.5 million, the SeaPods offer customization options, providing a luxurious and sustainable living experience. Reynolds’ article captures the essence of Ocean Builders’ groundbreaking initiative, spotlighting the intersection of technology, luxury, and environmental consciousness in the realm of sustainable living.

Read the full article here.

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3 – Bright Ideas in Travel 2023 – Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler’s “Bright Ideas in Travel 2023” introduces Ocean Builders’ SeaPod as an innovative, eco-restorative overwater bungalow. With a minimal and moveable seabed footprint, the SeaPod has the unique ability to regenerate coral growth on its structure, addressing the crucial need for sustainable coastal living amid rising ocean levels and increasing populations in low-lying areas.

The SeaPod utilizes solar power not just for electricity but also to stimulate coral growth. Electrical currents through floating steel tubes attract calcium carbonate, fostering coral regeneration. Collaborating with reef restoration organizations, Ocean Builders explores 3D-coral printing for artificial reefs on and around the SeaPod.

The article emphasizes the SeaPod’s significance in addressing environmental challenges and mentions Ocean Builders’ plans to transport the original SeaPod offshore, creating an off-the-grid seasteading experience powered by solar energy, wastewater recycling, and rainwater collection. The company is also in discussions about potential fully floating resorts in Dubai and other locations across the Middle East and Europe. The SeaPod’s eco-restorative design and sustainable features position it as a beacon for the future of coastal living.

Read the full article here.

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