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Rotating Pod

Rotating Pod

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One of the cool ideas that we wanted to add to our homes is the ability to rotate the home automatically or manually in any direction that you would like. One of the drawbacks of traditional homes that are on land is that once that home is built, it’s not going to move. So if you don’t like the view, or you want to see the sunrise, or maybe the sun puts a bad reflection on your TV in the evenings, you are stuck with the orientation of the house.

We want to make our homes have the ability to rotate. If you want to have your bedroom window pointed towards the sunrise every morning, or if you want to follow the sun throughout the day, or follow the moon or stars at night, then we want that to be an option. If you are having dinner and you don’t want the setting sun in your face, you shouldn’t have to close your blinds and miss out on the beautiful views, so we want to make it so that you can just turn your home the other way.

If you are on land in an EarthPod then you can change the direction of your home so that you can change the scenery every now and then. Or if there is a specific view that you like, you can set the home to rotate so that whatever room you are in can see that view. Also, you could set it to slowly rotate the home constantly, sort of like a rotating restaurant.

This idea is not only for comfort and views but it also has some practicality and safety applications as well. If your kids are playing in the water and you want to keep them in sight, then you can set the home to follow their personal wristband or phone so that the home moves with them and you always have them in sight. You can set it to follow any phone, anywhere in the world. So if your significant other is away, you can have the home pointing towards them to feel a little bit more connected despite the distance.

Another benefit is to help with efficiency. If you leave your SeaPod during the day then you can have the home automatically turn away from the sun to help keep things cool and conserve energy that you need to keep the home cool. Throughout the day the home can keep its back to the sun, whether you are there or not.

It will take quite a bit of engineering to get these homes to safely and smoothly rotate so if you have any kind of knowledge or engineering experience that you feel might help us out, then shoot us a message here and check out some of the other projects that we are currently working on here. We would love to hear from you if you would like to give us a hand with the rotating pod or any of our other projects.

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