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Underwater Room Windows!!!

Underwater Room Windows!!!

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We have spent the last two planning and designing an underwater room that would of course be beneath the surface of the water. One of the biggest challenges with doing anything underwater is dealing with the water pressure. As you get deeper, the water pressure quickly increases so having a robust structure is crucial.

The best way to make the room strong enough to withstand the pressure would be to simply seal it off like a capsule by eliminating any weak points like windows, but what fun would an underwater room be if you can’t look through the window and enjoy the view? Luckily for you, we took care of that and have designed a window that will be capable of withstanding the pressure while still allowing you to see what is going on out there.

We have received the first prototype for this acrylic window which is about one meter wide and thick enough to withstand water pressures at depths of more than 10 meters. Despite the thickness, when looked through like a window it will be similar to looking through glass. This big slab of acrylic will provide the perfect portal into the underwater world.

The underwater room has tons of possibilities such as a lounge area, an extra bedroom, storage space, a man-cave, or even an underwater dining room. No matter what you decide to use the room for, the center of attention will be this huge window that turns your underwater room into a “reverse aquarium” of sorts as you watch the sea life that is bustling all around your home.

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