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Scouting Trip To Boquete, Panama To Find Locations For The GreenPod

Scouting Trip To Boquete, Panama To Find Locations For The GreenPod

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Here we have some footage of land near the Lucero Golf Course near Boquete, Panama. On a flight from Toronto to Panama in late 2019, our CEO, Grant had a conversation with the man sitting next to him on the flight. During their conversation, the man mentioned that he was interested in building 3D printed homes for the residential area of his golf course.

The man ended up being the owner of the Lucero Golf Course and he and Grant continued their conversation. Grant mentioned that Ocean Builders has the largest 3D printer in Latin America and that it was going to be used to build 3D printed homes. The discussion went further and it led to the Ocean Builders team to take a trip to the Lucero Golf Course.

The scouting trip to the golf course resulted in the idea of creating a small community of about 10-15 of our GreenPods at the golf course. This is a potential location where we could build our first GreenPods.

The GreenPod is similar to the SeaPod, but as the name implies, it is built on land instead of in the ocean. As with the theme of everything that we do, the GreenPod is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. With the elevated home standing above the ground, the footprint is incredibly small compared to a traditional home. This is much less disruptive to the nature since there is no clear cutting and it allows for the home to co-exist with the nature.

While maintaining the same functions of the SeaPod, this is an alternative for those who don’t want to live at sea. The GreenPod offers all of the conveniences and luxuries that are found in the SeaPod as well as the technologies that make our homes so special and unique. With its elevated design putting you above the earth and closer to the treetops, the GreenPod is like a treehouse from the future that is eco-friendly and smart.

As you can see in the video of the Lucero Golf Course, this is an excellent location to put our project into action. With the beautiful hills and undisturbed forests, the sights and surroundings for the GreenPod will be second to none, coupled with the amenities offered by the golf course and surrounding areas, this is the perfect place to get our feet wet.

We feel that the GreenPod will be the future of land-based sustainable and eco-friendly living. Be sure to follow along to watch the progress as this project continues to march forward!

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